Well, hello!

I am Natalie and it’s so nice to meet you! I live in the stupidly beautiful town of Bend, Oregon but you can take me anywhere (more on this later). I am most productive when I am not working at home but this is hard cause I can’t wear my pajamas in public. It’s a sacrifice I have to make on the daily.

I am a photographer. That label never gets old and I don’t take it lightly. I love loving what I do, every day. Photography was a dream for a long time (I’m talking middle-school, high-school, college) and now I get to live in that reality. Being one, I am a huge supporter of fellow dreamers. Let’s exchange some crazy ideas.

Texas, Alaska, California, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Indiana and Oregon have all been considered “home” at one point or another. I was raised to love the outdoors and I know how to pack a suitcase like a boss. That being said, my nomadic childhood resulted in an adult who thrives in new environments and who knows about a million ways to sleep in an airplane seat. Getting married on a mountain? Eloping on a boat? I’ll be there.

Whatever brought you and however you got here, I am glad you made it.

Don’t need photos? Feel free to contact me just to say hi!

{ Bio photo by friend & fellow photographer, Allison Harp }