Last month I did a photo giveaway. The only criteria was that the couple could meet me in Big Sur and that they had to be in love. Sonja and Caleb fit the description like nobody’s business! I loved celebrating Sonja and Caleb’s commitment to each other, where they decided to be each other’s. Ah, their love gives me warm fuzzies!! Here’s to year five!

“I told Sonja that I loved her after a week of dating. I immediately knew how crazy it sounded. I think I apologized for saying it. Three years later, along the coastline of Big Sur, I asked her to marry me. It’s crazy how one day you’re just an idiot with a crush and the next day, you’re celebrating your four-year anniversary. I’m told that the rest of life is not much different. We’re all just a bunch of fools stumbling into things like love and beauty. I think that’s why I was so quick on the trigger. I knew I had stumbled into something beautiful. I was bright eyed and said exactly what I was thinking. Probably the best crazy thing I’ve ever said.”

– Caleb

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