I was flattered when Traci French of Bliss Blog contacted me to take some photographs in her home featuring Design Within Reach (DWR). Mrs. French has amazing taste and I am kind of (very) obsessed with her blog and, of course, her Pinterest as well! Each piece by DWR was modern, beautiful, and inspiring. Needless to say, they made my job easy!

These are a little different than the weddings, people and nature I typically shoot but for a girl who spends a shocking amount of time drooling over home interiors, this was kind of a dream.

natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-1 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-2 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-3 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-4 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-5 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-6 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-7 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-8 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-9 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-10 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-11 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-12 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-13 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-14 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-15 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-16 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-17 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-18 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-19 natalie-puls-photography-design-within-reach-20

Check out Traci’s post here!

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April 16, 2016
I still get chills every time I look at them...so in awe of your talent. "Thank you" still isn't nearly enough. xo!
    Thank YOU, Traci! Such a wonderful opportunity :)